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    Our Beers

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    Pure, clear water from deep within the earth is the soul of our beer.

    The Story of Yamaguchi

    When Japan transitioned from the Shogun to rule by Emperor it was divided into 47 prefectures. Yamaguchi Prefecture gained a reputation as the home of forward-thinking artists, teachers and politicians who embraced the unconventional – these were often considered the rebels of this island nation. It is believed that the people of Yamaguchi are unique in that regard. Yamaguchi Beer follows the Spirit of that tradition.


    The ingredients are half the story, many of which are sourced from throughout Japan, including the water from Narutaki Falls. The other half is the lengthy brewing process, which takes about five times that of other craft beers.

    Yamada Nishiki Rice Lager received the World Beer Award for Best Rice Beer. Our IPA and Pale Ale are also quite popular. Our Pale Ale also won the World Beer Award in 2018.

    Those who enjoy a touch of citrus love the Hagi Yuzu Ale. The yuzu comes from a prefecture not far from the brewery. Yamada Nishiki Rice Lager is brewed from the same ingredients found in the world’s finest sake.

    The brewery and restaurant opened in 1997.