7.0% ALC./VOL.

Born from a marriage of traditional English Ale and an American-style IPA. It starts when Magnum and Centennial hops are carefully dried for two days. This results in a unique balance of flavors: a harmony of floral, citrusy aromas and strong hoppy bitterness. Pairs well with spicy foods.

Hagi Yuzu Ale

5.0% ALC./VOL.

The yuzu comes from Hagi, an area in Yamaguchi known for growing this fragrant fruit. The citrus nose, from only using fresh, ripe yuzu complements the flavors of hops and barley, resulting in a refreshing and aromatic pale ale.

Yamada Nishiki Rice Lager

2018 World Beer Award for the Best Rice Beer

8.5% ALC./VOL.

This award-winning beer is brewed from the very same ingredients found in the finest sake called Daiginjoshu. Using Kyokai sake yeast and premium Yamada Nishiki rice, grown and harvested in Yamaguchi, then polished, a delicate taste is achieved. Hops play a secondary role in crafting this faintly juicy rice lager.


5.0% ALC./VOL.

Every ingredient is from Japan — the Sachiho Golden barley is grown locally in Yamaguchi, while the Ibuki hops come from Iwate and Miyagi. The resulting flavors range from bitter to candy-like, with faint citrus aromas. Pairs easily with eastern and western cuisines.

Pale Ale

2018 World Beer Award Winner

5.3% ALC./VOL.

The refreshing taste has a fruity and floral citrus aroma, derived from the Cascade hops that are carefully dried for two days, while a delicate maltiness comes from authentic British Ale yeast. The balance of bitter, sweet, and malt flavors is award-winning, and makes this Pale Ale exceptionally drinkable with all kinds of food — especially seafood; enjoy with fish & chips.


2018 World Beer Silver Medal

5.4% ALC./VOL.

The full-bodied character and robust coffee-like richness come from a proprietary blend of malt and barley, both roasted to perfection. The complex umami taste has light caramelized, nutty flavors, sharp bitter notes and a faint sweetness. It pairs well with rich meat dishes like stews.


2018 World Beer Bronze Medal

6.0% ALC./VOL.

The rich, full-bodied flavor is derived from wheat. Carefully controlling the temperature during fermentation yields a mild malty sweetness with hints of clove and subtle fruity aromas, contrasting with a light sourness reminiscent of green apples. Pairs well with Japanese food like sashimi and simmered dishes, as well as bangers.